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Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery
NiMH battery has been very popular for decades as power for lots of electronics devices, tools, toys, to name a few.

Feature of NiMH
• Continuous high rate discharge capabilities due to low internal resistance.
• Provides 300~500 charge / discharge cycles.
• Rapid charging in ~1 hour with an appropriate charger
• Safer and more cost effective than Li-Ion.
• No transportation issues, does not require DOT testing. Nominal voltage at 1.2V, with
  energy usable in the range of 1.0V – 1.45V per cell. A variety of cylindrical cell sizes are
  available, providing a capacity range from a few hundred mAh to above 10Ah.
• Able to accept charge and discharge rates as high as 1C (typically equal to the rated
  capacity of the cell). As a result, products are able to perform challenging tasks and
  require minimal time to recharge, reducing downtime of the portable device.