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Solar Energy Storage Battery
  We build Solar Energy Storage Battery
and also a complete Solar Energy Storage System.
  Our Battery solution is customized according to technical requirements, compliance standards and safety. We also design and build the complete storage system incorporated with on-grid / off-grid requirements with main components such as Solar Panel, Inverter/Charger Controller and Control Panel.  
  Energy Storage Battery
with Built-in BMS
  Inverter / Charger Controller   Solar Panel
  The basic battery is more or less with energy capacity from 2kWh to 4kWh for solar energy storage for average household scale, with built-in Battery Management System (BMS) for standard protection and communication. The battery system is built with multiple units of battery, which can be up to 20kWh or above for larger scale.   We select and integrate inverters to our complete storage system.   We also select and source the most suitable solar panel with the right power output.