Renergy was founded to engineer custom battery and system and also to provide cleaner environmental solution as well.  
  Renergy supplies battery cells, designs and manufactures battery packs and battery systems capable of performing unlike anything on the market today. We provide turnkey solutions with Battery Management System (BMS) for energy storage such as Solar Energy Storage Battery / System, Solar Street Lighting Battery / System and Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) Battery, to name a few.  
  Clean Energy      
  Low Carbon Living   Battery for Energy  
  Clean energy is what we strive to achieve today. Electricity to replace fossil fuel which provide cleaner air and less air pollution. This improves our health standard with cleaner air and less reliance on medicine.   Battery for energy storage is an important factor to make this happen. Renergy is playing its part to provide battery storage solution to achieve this goal. We will help you design and build battery solution using recyclable material like Lithium (Li-Ion, LFP, LIP & LTO) and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) type of battery and utilizing solar or wind to generate electricity to charge the battery.  
  Battery Solution      
  Turnkey Solutions   Time and Cost Saving  
  Renergy is make up of key persons that understand the battery market today and tomorrow. We have many years of experience in building battery pack, protection board and chargers to offer you a complete solution. We are here to offer you a complete turnkey battery solution, an integration of all of them, if you choose to.   This will help speed up the planning and manufacturing process and have the solution ready for you to try within a few weeks’ time frame. We are sure that you will find working with us is a pleasure and life is much easier as this save you time and cost and while you focus on develop your product and have it available to market ASAP.  
  Global Standard      
  Manufacturing   Quality Assurance  
  Renergy’s partner factories are equipped with state-of-art facilities and equipment for R&D as well as production certified with quality system ISO9001 and ISO14000. Environmental and Safety standard are well controlled and complied with up-to-date certifications such as EN, UL, RoHS, CE and UN38.   Our production and batteries are fully qualified for high end OEM industrial market. We have a Quality Assurance and Inspection System to control and assure all batteries that are in good quality and meet international standard with best performance and safety compliance.  
  Our Team      
  20+ Years Experience   Solution Partner  
  We have over 20+ years of building battery pack experience to offer custom battery pack solution for whatever you desired. With our strong business relationship and speaking local language make us the perfect partner to work between you (the customer) and all the battery pack related companies located in China.   We are here to be your partner to make your product a success. With leading edge technology experience, strong research and development and well-established sales network, Renergy will fast be recognize as one of the famous batteries and OEM manufacturers. We are not just a company of battery only but have built up a platform for our next generations to grow their careers and make their dreams come true.